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Quality, Speed and Trust.

FASTERRAMA, S.A. DE C.V., with more than 35 years of experience, is the best Logistics and Freight Transport operator due to the transparency and efficiency of its processes. We specialize in the design of solutions that demand a high degree of quality in service, making our main priority the customer service of qualified and constantly trained collaborators in each process of the supply chain.

FASTERRAMA S.A. DE C.V. It offers Integrated Logistics Services in the modalities of Land Transport: LTL, Cross Docking, Distribution, Packaging and Storage. We are an strategic ally for your company's growth and development.

In response to the service requirements that globalization implies, our head office is located in the City of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, in order to have the most strategic location to be able to offer a punctual service, with immediate response and full coverage of Mexico, USA and Canada.

Mission and Vision.

Develop and Offering the highest Quality standards, the Logistics Services of Freight Transportation to achieve the requirements and expectations of our clients, achieving the strengthening and business leadership with responsibility, integrity, transparency and personalized attention.

To be the Lead company in Logistics and Freight Transport services, satisfying the requirements of our clients and ensuring the well-being of our collaborators and shareholders by producing healthy and constant profit margins, maintaining ourselves as a cutting-edge company both in its operational structure and in technology and with the constant improvement of our human capital, characterized by personalized service to each of our clients.

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Quality Policies.

Quality Policies
At FASTERRAMA, S.A. de CV, we offer an inclusive, competitive and safe Transport Logistics service that meets the requirements of customers and suppliers through the implementation of Policies, Operational Standards, Sufficient and Adequate Resources, Processes and defined Controls supported by Management Systems of the Quality that contribute to the continuous improvement of the company.

Security policy 
At FASTERRAMA S.A. de CV, we are committed to our clients for preserving the security and integrity of their national and international shipments in order to prevent any type of contamination on their freight goods, altered documents or from any other suspicious act that could have risks or illegal activities, monitoring our internal processes and those that allow us to interact with other facilitating partners in Transportation Logistics without affecting our customers and their freight goods.